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Some Shore Leave pics...

As I said, Wonder Woman was probably the most-photographed person at Shore Leave this weekend! And look how happy Ty looks to be standing next to her! seity1 got a lot of double-takes, admiring looks, shouts of "Wonder Woman!" and requests for photos, and said there were loads more when I wasn't nearby.

The outfit consists of a costume bought for the occasion a few weeks ago from, plus separate red boots that Denise bought online and added white tape to, plus red stars used as earrings. She really looked fantastic! Don't recall who commented that all she needed for it to be perfect would be Lynda Carter's wavy black hair and blue eyes, but since Lynda wasn't available, Denise did just fine.

Lots of you know Stephen Buonocore and/or his wife Keith McCormack (aka "Kiki"); here are their mirror universe counterparts, understandably annoyed to find themselves at our Shore Leave, instead of the mirror one, where actors are brought before jeering throngs to be tossed into agonizer booths, and the blood drive takes on a very different (and non-voluntary) character.

Stephen's one of the organizers of the twice-yearly camping trips I go to when I can. Unfortunately, once again the second trip this year is a weekend when I can't make it!

This is surely not the best picture of Tricia Helfer available online (in fact, if you're at work, you probably don't want to do a Google Images search right now), but it's one of the ones I took this afternoon. Someone nearby was saying, "You can take pictures, but no flash, please." Thus, the lighting is suboptimal.

Other pictures in the full set include Jack "Towaway" Eaton commissioning USS Top Gun at yesterday morning's STARFLEET meeting, a really cool full-size remote-control R2-D2, some Masquerade skits including Stephen and Keith and others reimagining "He Had it Coming" from "Chicago" as Kirk and his women, celebrity guest Chase Masterson sitting behind the hotel's registration desk for some reason, an awesome Stargate built by Sonny Wright from USS Sovereign, and Ty spinning at last night's rave. (I should add that Stephen and Keith and company won "best in show" for their skit!)

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