Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Huh... customer service via AIM!

On June 20th, I ordered what looks as though it'll be a terrific car navigation gizmo, the TomTom GO 700, from TigerGPS. It was supposed to ship the following Monday, but it being a new product, they weren't certain of that. I ordered it with overnight shipping to make sure I had it in time for my trip to Texas, where I expected to be doing some driving in unfamiliar territory!

Well, apparently, TomTom had such high demand in Europe that they were very slow about freeing up some inventory to get it to the US. The ship date kept getting pushed back and pushed back. Today, I noticed on the TigerGPS web site that the 700 was going to ship today!

Well, I looked at my order printout, remembered that I'd ordered it overnight, and decided that I didn't need this thing tomorrow. Looked for a phone number for the reseller, and found... an AIM address! TigerGPS has a customer service IM account, so I IM'd them to ask if we could change the shipping.

Unfortunately, it's already too late; my order has already shipped. But that means I'll get to play with this thing this week. :-) And I told whoever I was talking to via IM that I really like the idea of customer service via IM.

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