Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Capping the weekend...

Tonight's "Bound for Glory" is proving a good opportunity for me to get some work done, as it usually does when I make it... and it's also much better attended than Phil feared. I guess there've ben a couple of weeks with slim attendance, and both Falcon Ridge and Grassroots could've slimmed down the crowd tonight. Leo Kretzner is doing a good show... in fact right now he's playing "Bold Orion," which is his best-known piece. (It's often covered.)

Meantime I've gotten some web updating done, including the BFG page itself (there are now a few more "archive" pages of past seasons) and Hank Dullea's campaign site.

The weekend has involved lots of local zipping around, as opposed to long-distance travel, thanks to twin winery days. jccohen gathered a bunch of folks together for a birthday winery jaunt yesterday, and Joy wanted to show a friend from Syracuse some wineries today. More about these trips later.

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