Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Long walk...

I decided to walk down to Eddy Street to have lunch at [info]Sindbad today, so I could have some more of that delicious hummus! Unfortunately, they were closed! I guess maybe they're not open for lunch. Their CampusFood page also says they don't deliver, but I know they do. (Their window says so!) J.C., don't you order online from them?

So I walked back up the hill toward Mama Teresa's, having noted on the way down that my second choice, Dasan J Korean BBQ, was closed for a couple of weeks of vacation. Enjoyed the $2.50 two-slices-and-a-soda lunch special, and amused the owner when I asked him if they had a special for CityBucks users. (It's Cornell's dining card that can be used at various places in town, many of which have a special just for CityBucks, whether it's a discount or a free soda or whatever.) He stammered that CityBucks costs him more to accept than cash or even regular credit cards. I know this, and yet lots of his competitors have specials! I promised to bring him a printout. (I'm amused to see the list includes a special for them.)

On the way back to work, saw that the Collegetown Convenience Store, on the corner of College and Dryden for as long as I can remember, is closed for good. They probably succumbed (if not too quickly) to the arrival of the Tops Express in the middle of the next block up. Between that and Jason's in the middle of their block, I suspect it was only a matter of time before one of them closed. Ah well. I'd miss Jason's more than I'll miss this one.

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