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Live from Maryland, it's Monday Night!

I'm sure Tony was pleased with the final score of tonight's game... a highly lopsided win for the Eagles over the home Washington Redskins under their new head coach.

Yep, Tony, you need a TiVo. I started watching well after the game got under weigh, and finished about ten minutes after the real game did, taking a pretty leisurely approach. I didn't fast forward as much as I could have, and paused a couple of times for phone calls and refreshment breaks.

Sure hope the local representatives of the constabulary who elected to use pepper spray to break up a fight in the stands will get their asses handed to them tomorrow -- or later tonight. Their lack of sense was broadcast around the world when the Eagles coach led the team away from the sidelines, not knowing what "foreign substance" was making it hard for them to breathe all of a sudden, delaying the game for ten minutes or so.

Fun game to watch (if you're not a Skins fan) and I got some cleaning up done in the living room. Woo!
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