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Fun at Willow!

A 7:30pm meeting last night meant I needed some simple refreshment after work without a lot of prep time, so [info]Willow was elected as a solution! seity1 joined me there at 6 on the promise of a brief visit; since I had to leave a little over an hour later, anyway, I knew I wouldn't be keeping her there all evening when she so much preferred to go home and clean the house for company this weekend. :-)

mazzie and Terri joined us! Yay! They both looked funny at my Gorgy (Willow's signature martini with gorgonzola-stuffed olives), but Kim mustered the nerve to taste it. They were also en route elsewhere, so couldn't stay long, but at least we got to see them before they moved on to the Lost Dog.

I think underwear_gnome made it most of the way to Pennsylvania before realizing that points in Ithaca just aren't that far apart, and Willow's closer to home than he thought. :-) He'd turned around by the time he called me to ask what he'd done wrong, and where he should turn. He found us before long, and seems to have adopted the Gorgy for himself, as well.

Willow is participating in a Local Food Week, though no one's telling them much about who else is, so whoever's organizing this is doing a lousy job. Ah well. One of the specials was slow-roasted BBQ spare ribs (from local pork) with fried green tomatoes, and that's what I had for dinner. Yum!

Oh, beeeej? Hank, Barbara, and Gutie all send their congratulations for your successful efforts with the Innocence Project! Everyone at last night's meeting was familiar with the news story in question, and they were delighted to hear you were so directly involved.

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