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Meatballs and fried chicken redux

So yesterday afternoon I was sitting at work and a recipe leapt unbidden into my head! It was neither meatballs nor fried chicken, but a chicken variation of the meatball recipe my mother gave me.

Sautee sliced onions and finely chopped garlic in a little olive oil. When the onions are getting cooked, add a diced apple and get that cooking.

Once the apple is sauteed, add a can of whole, peeled tomatoes. Not the juice, just the tomatoes. Save the juice to add later if you need more liquid. Season at this point with some parsley, basil, etc. Add a dash of Angostura Bitters and some brown sugar. Crush the tomatoes and get it all cooking and simmering happily.

Start your rice cooker. This is also the point at which I popped half a bag of frozen broccoli, which I keep around for emergencies, in the microwave to defrost and start heating. :-)

Cut up boneless chicken breast into nice chunk sizes. You could also use chicken pieces, but you'd need to pre-cook them differently.

Sautee the chicken chunks in a separate pan with a little olive oil. Cook the chicken to "medium rare" or so; you don't want it to overcook when added to the sauce. You can also bake, microwave, or broil the chicken; these might work better for pieces rather than chunks.

Add the chicken, some raisins, and a splash of red wine to the sauce. If your chicken overwhelms your sauce, add the juice from the tomatoes.

Cook for a little while longer so the chicken's fully cooked. Cut a piece in half if you're not sure.

Serve over the rice next to a big crisp salad and some al dente broccoli (fresh is better than frozen, of course) with a glass of merlot or shiraz. (I had neither, and the meal went better with Dr Pepper than with a glass of the Bully Hill wine I was using for cooking.)

Thanks for the flash of inspiration, Aunt Traceroo!

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