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Peter Jennings

Back when CNN was a new idea, when I really started actively watching the news, the choices were Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings. I almost exclusively watched ABC's World News Tonight, and not only because my uncle had helped craft their "More Americans get their news..." slogan. A few of us used to get together in the dorm TV lounge many weeknights and watch Jennings tell us what was going on.

I've watched very little broadcast network news for the last several years, thanks to CNN and more recently MSNBC, and of course the Internet. I knew Dan Rather had destroyed his career just when he could have retired as an elder statesman of newscasting, and I knew Tom Brokaw had stepped aside in a teary farewell. But I didn't know that lung cancer had sidelined Peter Jennings, and that he had all but ceased his anchor duties over the last several months.

Thus, Joseph's post that Jennings had passed away today came as a complete shock to me. I got to watch Brokaw's farewells, but I'm not going to have that chance with Jennings. Though I suppose tomorrow's World News Tonight will offer quite the retrospective. I suppose I'll have to watch it.

I'm glad to read that Jennings was up front about admitting he'd been a longtime smoker, and optimistic (if realistic) about his plans to fight the cancer. I just wish he'd been more successful at fighting.

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