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Welcome home, Discovery!

Discovery touched down in a clear pre-dawn at Edwards AFB a few seconds ago. It was odd watching the landing via infrared cameras, and as they got close enough for a good view, I thought to myself that they should switch from infrared to natural light... but of course it's still too dark in California!

The tiny blob on the infrared images turned into something that looked like an orbiter for the last couple of minutes, and then for the actual landing there was enough light from massive floodlights lining runway 22 that they actually did switch to natural light. it was beautiful!

Now a "turnaround team" of 170 people has to fly out from KSC to prep Discovery for her flight back to Florida, strapped to the back of a modified Boeing 747. NASA wanted to land in Florida yesterday morning, but the weather yesterday and today didn't cooperate.

Welcome home, Discovery!

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