Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Oh yeah, I was going to go to sleep early!

So much for that! Chatting with folks, watching "Stargate SG-1," and playing with my new TiVo have taken up more time than I expected! I'll go to sleep soon, I promise! (Getting up at 5:15 seems the best reason to have gone to sleep early, but I never claimed to be bright.)

The TiVo Humax DVD Recorder looks from the outside a lot more like a DVD player than like a TiVo! It's also a good bit heavier. But pop a DVD in, and suddenly you get something that looks like a TiVo user interface to watching, or recording, your disc. (This is also the only TiVo to have front-panel buttons!) I think I'm going to like this thing.

seity1 and I tried the new Easy Wok Noodle Bar and Chinese Gourmet at Pyramid Mall's Cafe Square for dinner tonight, after visiting Belle and Hobbes for some scritching. I was very impressed! In addition to the fairly standard steam table of prepared mall Chinese food (the free sample of sesame chicken was good, if nothing to write home about), they make noodle dishes to order. I had the Singapore Noodles, a delicious rice noodle dish with a curry sauce, with veggies and shrimp and pork. Denise had a beef dish whose name escapes me with wide noodles and a spicy sauce (made extra spicy at her request). The food was ready very fast, and for $5.95 a dish, it's as affordable as it is tasty. I'll be going back to try the pad thai soon. The lady at the next-door Cajun Cafe looked nervous.

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