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A nice wedding

Today I was at the wedding of two very cool people -- both getting married for the second time. Lots of family in attendance on both sides, and the couple honored parents who're no longer with us by placing flowers next to photographs during the ceremony. There were white roses for the three deceased parents, and the groom presented a red rose to his mother.

The minister, who's known the groom for years and came up from FL to TN to preside over the ceremony, was quite a hoot! He really let loose during yesterday afternoon's rehearsal, but was still plenty clever today.

Also got to see a few friends, and met some neat folks. Got to spend a little time with the bride's daughter, and met the bride's hermit of a son. (Jonathan doesn't seem nearly as odd or antisocial as everyone insists.) One of the bride's nieces is a sweetheart, and both her mom and a mutual friend seemed to be jokingly trying to shove us together.

I'm exhausted, so I'll probably be asleep soon!

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