Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Free" iPod with Mac purchase for academic sorts...

If you're eligible for academic pricing for Apple hardware, i.e. if you're a student or employee at a higher ed institution, or an employee at a K-12 institution, you can take advantage of a special rebate offer that effectively gives you a "free" 4GB iPod mini, or $179 off a higher-priced iPod, if you buy a qualifying Mac. Thanks to john_hayes_blog for letting us know about this!

( Offer details )

If you buy a qualifying iBook, iMac, PowerBook, or Power Mac, and a qualifying iPod, through an education reseller such as the Tech Connection at Cornell, the Apple Store Online, or a retail Apple Store by September 24th, you're eligible for a $179 rebate.

The eMac, Mac mini, and CD-ROM-only model of 12" iBook are not eligible, and the iPod Shuffle is not eligible. Despite the "student" wording all over the promotion, higher-ed and K-12 faculty and staff are eligible, too.

Caution: There's some question as to whether Apple will honor this promotion for Cornell purchasers. Stay tuned.

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