Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Gas prices...

aregulardyke reminded me that I meant to comment on the gas prices I noticed on the way home from the Accord meeting last night! The Citgo at East Hill Plaza is usually one of the highest prices in town (though the Mobil on North Triphammer has been a shade higher lately), but I was stunned to see that it had hit $2.649 for regular and $2.849 for premium, with $2.679 for diesel. (I added the prices to last night.)

CNN had tips for saving gas without switching to a more fuel-efficient car; not everyone can change cars, but for those who can, the hybrids must be looking awfully good right now! I'm trying to consciously accelerate more slowly away from stop signs and lights to see if it'll help, and I'll make sure there isn't random extra stuff in my trunk.

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