Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Not quite ready yet...

Sorry to see that a Cypriot plane crashed a few hours ago on the way to Athens, with both pilot and copilot apparently unconscious. It's not clear that anyone would have been in any shape to fly the plane, but this reminded me that one thing I commented to zikzak5 after one of my flight lessons was that if I'm ever on a plane and a flight attendant comes back into the cabin and asks, "Is there anyone aboard who can fly the plane?" I'd want to be able to say "I can fly the plane!" (If Julie Hagerty will be in the cockpit with me, I'm their man!)

The plane must have depressurized; a passenger text-messaged his cousin to say that the pilot had turned blue in the face and they were freezing, and the Greek F-16s that approached when air traffic controllers couldn't contact the plane reported that the pilot wasn't in the cockpit, the copilot was slumped over the controls, and oxygen masks had deployed in the passenger cabin.

Of course, I don't even have a single-engine license yet, and flying a 737 is a pretty different experience, but hey, if I were ever up in a 737 and there were no other pilots available, I'd give it a shot. Same concepts, right?

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