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seity1 and I watched the 2003 "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries yesterday while waiting for Teresa and Nelson to get back from Oneonta, and I'm really glad I grabbed that in addition to the season one DVD set at Best Buy last week. I know I last saw it a while ago, but there were chunks of the three-hour story that I really didn't remember, as though I'd been dozing off while watching! Tsk.

Since Teresa and Nelson were a little later than they expected getting back (they must've hit weather), we also had time to watch the 42-minute featurette on the back of the DVD. Lots of fun interview clips with actors and writer/producer Ron Moore. I wonder if he remembers me interviewing him for STARNET's newsletter some 15 years ago!

The big surprise of the interviews was that Jamie "Apollo" Bamber is British! Also, not black-haired. The interviews with Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff and Tricia "Number 6" Helfer were fun; Helfer is, not surprisingly, very well spoken... and much more attractive out of character. (Though I'm a fan of Number 6's wardrobe!)

Edward James Olmos is, without question, the star of this show; he's perfect for the role of Commander Adama. He only shares a couple of scenes with Mary McDonnell, the other acting giant, because their characters spend most of the miniseries in different parts of the galaxy. But they work well together.

Unfortunately, a defective DVD made us miss bits of the show; I'm going to take it back to Best Buy to exchange it for another copy. Meantime, I'm looking forward to watching the first season of the Sci-Fi series soon!

The weather was great for sitting on the patio at [info]Maxie's when we finally got down there... it had cooled off enormously, and my only complaint was about the bugs. They'd run out of the ancho chili flank steak po'boy special I wanted, but the waitress kindly brought me some of the cajun peach BBQ sauce from that dish to try, and I had an andouille sausage po'boy instead that was quite satisfying.

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