Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A present from Scotland!

I wasn't surprised to find a package in my mailbox yesterday when I got home, but I was surprised that it wasn't from Cafepress. It was a package from rethought! Thanks, Jyll! Such a sweetie. :-) Thanks also to whoever her stateside confederate is; I noticed it was mailed from North Carolina, so I'm guessing she sent several things together from Scotland to someone who then sent them on to others in the U.S.

Speaking of Scotland, last night involved a visit to Todd and Carrie's house to sample some of the whisky they brought back from their Worldcon trip earlier this month, with a few other folks. Between their scotch, and Denise's, and mine, we had lots of things to try, including their 1988 Lagavulin Distiller's Edition! It's definitely similar to the 1980 that Kate and Lars gave me, and the 1984 that I bought at Talisker a couple of years ago. I think the 1984 is still the best.

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