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Quick trip to Rite-Aid

Had to run downtown this morning to restart the web server, which every once in a while crashes. It does that less if I restart it from time to time; I should remember to do that every couple of weeks rather than wait until it dies. After that, a quick breakfast at the Lincoln Street Diner (vote for them as best breakfast in the Ithaca Times reader's poll!) and then up the hill to Rite Aid.

I like having Sudafed or one of its generic equivalents on hand, because it works well for me when I get stuffed up... especially due to allergies. So, all of the recent laws or corporate policies about hiding products containing pseudoephedrine behind the pharmacy counter are really annoying.

Luckily, a Rite Aid staffer happened by while I was in the cold and allergy aisle, picking out some Loratadine (the 24-hour allergy medicine that works well for my cat allergies). I asked her if there was any of the orally disintegrating Rite Aid Loratadine... the tablets you just pop in your mouth and they dissolve. She says they haven't been able to get any lately, and the downtown store ran out, so she suspects they're discontinuing it. I picked out some of the store brand regular tablets, since they're having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on it (through today), and I didn't want to spend three times as much to get the dissolving Alavert.

When I commented that I was going to have to go bother someone at the pharmacy counter about the Sudafed, she walked back there with me and helped me figure out what the prices of each were, so I could comparison-shop. That's one of the biggest inconveniences of this; I usually buy Sudafed or the store brand based on what's on sale. If Sudafed is on sale, I'll usually get that. This time, nothing was on sale, so I got one of the bigger packages of the store brand... and decided to try the new 24-hour Sudafed as well. That hasn't shown up in the store brand yet.

I also picked out the items I'd mostly come for; Rite Aid carries a 25-watt gallery-style bulb that's exactly what I need for my fish tank. Most stores don't carry anything that'll fit, or if they do, it's 40-watt... which is way too bright and slowly melts the plastic tank cover. Plus a pack of C batteries for my doorbell. (Yes, my house has a battery-powered, two-piece, wireless doorbell, and the indoor chime part takes three C cells. The outside button/transmitter takes an N battery!)

Just for the heck of it I glanced to see if the sunglasses were on sale, and they were! Buy one, get one free. So I grabbed two new pair of Foster Grants. I have nicer sunglasses, and a pair of prescription ones that I almost never wear (my eyesight isn't bad enough to need glasses most of the time), but I tend to bang up or lose sunglasses so often that I just keep getting the cheap ones. Grabbing a couple pair every time they're BOGO keeps it really cheap. Need some? The sale runs through September 3rd.

Then, on my way back to the register, I realized that some of the store-brand Loratadine they had was in 60-count or 120-count bottles, instead of 10- or 30-count blister packs. Hm, 120 tablets for $30 instead of 30 for $14... and get another of the same size free? I'm there! I now have at least a year's supply. :-) When i was done, I'd spent $75... but saved $50 between the BOGOs and battery coupon and other Rite Aid card discounts.

Now doing long-overdue laundry, including my bed sheets. I think I'll do the comforters today, too.

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