Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Sounds as though Vanessa made it to Pensacola with her family and Marsi reached Baton Rouge; her kids were already visiting their grandparents. Talked to John briefly last night in Beaumont, and he's fine. I hope they all have fully functional homes and jobs to return to in a few days!

It's scary to hear that the Superdome, where some 10,000 people took refuge rather than leaving town, has already had enough roof damage that water's getting in, and the worst of the storm hasn't yet reached the city. The photo I saw from inside showed people sitting in the stands, and an empty football field. Wonder why they didn't let people stake out a few square yards to lie down on. Keeping the field condition pristine can't be the primary goal this week.

Oh. Right. The field could get flooded.

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