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I'm used to the anonymous free continental breakfasts that have popped up at so many hotels and motels. One of my favourites is at the Super 8 in Winston-Salem, NC. It's just very thorough. :-)

What took me completely by surprise this trip to TN was the fresh sausage gravy and hot biscuits at the Hampton Inn.

They also had bagels and danishes and cereal and fruit and packets of instant oatmeal and instant grits. (Mmm, grits.) Several kinds of juice, and of course coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

So it wasn't healthy... I had grits and biscuits with gravy. Mmmmmmmm.

Far better, though, was the breakfast at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Gatlinburg on Sunday morning. The French Toast Royale was French Toast served with sections of lightly fried bananas and a phenomenal sauce made with cream cheese. That's all the menu said; I'd say the sauce also involved honey, butter, lemon juice, and cinnamon.

I'll be going back there, that's for sure!

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