Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Anyone in Houston?

Are you or is someone you know in or around Houston? Any possibility you or they have room to put up a pair of New Orleans guys and their two dogs? One is a friend of a friend of mine, and the other is his boyfriend; their families are on the Gulf Coast and had to leave their homes, too, so there wasn't much point in them heading that way. They're in a motel in Houston and running out of money.

If you can help... please comment here:

My fraternity brother meteorologist friend did make it out of NOLA, after having said on the air last week that he wasn't concerned about Katrina, realizing he was wrong and retracting hours later, and then working beyond what was to have been his last day at that station, Sunday. He's supposed to be starting a new chief meteorologist job at a station in Portland, OR soon. (Keep an eye out, Allyson!)

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