Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It never hurts to ask...

I just got to the gate for my PHL-ATL flight after a nice relaxing lunch with fyrfitrmedic at the airport Marriott's "Riverbend Cafe" or some such. The hotel is connected to the B terminal via a walkway, and had excellent food.

Went up to the gate agent and asked if there were any first-class upgrades available for Silver Preferred Dividend Miles members. Either he didn't notice I had a free ticket, or didn't care that that meant he wasn't supposed to upgrade me, or thought I had a nice smile and had been very patient while he took care of the folks coming off the incoming flight who needed to know where to go for their next one. He poked at the computer for a moment, and handed me a new boarding pass for a new seat up front. :-)

Spectacularly clear weather for my first leg from Ithaca to Philadelphia. I don't think I've ever seen the air stay that clear for that long after takeoff from Ithaca, but we were well past Binghamton before I started to see any significant haze or even sporadic cloud cover. I asked the copilot after we landed, and we'd been cruising at 17,000 feet, since the NY traffic folks wanted to keep short hops lower. He agreed that the clear weather was amazing!

Written on the plane a couple hours ago...

Forgot that the hour-long flight to Philadelphia is actually substantially shorter when we're in a jet rather than a turboprop; I'll probably hit the airport about a half hour early, which'll help me do lunch quickly and get back.

The new CRJs are pretty comfortable, but I'm glad I have no one in the seat next to me, and I'm glad I have a 12" PowerBook. Even in the exit row, which should have a teensy bit more space between the rows of seats, the guy across the aisle looks really cramped with his normal-sized Dell.
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