Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tired and wired

Half-wired and wanting to go back out and find a party, and half-tired and ready to collapse! Had a big dinner a few hours ago and I'm still full, too. Took a while to figure out where she was, but Kim and I found blueinatl and gave her a key... and she headed off to hang out with Shannon. Kim and I went to get Jason, who'd headed home after dropping me at the hotel! He flew into Hartsfield right before me, conveniently enough, and was kind enough to give me a lift! Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse (Mmmmm!) and a visit to their adorable kitty and a grocery store for some provisions, and back to the hotel.

Remembered to call and ask for non-feather pillows, and 20 minutes later, a guy showed up with three random pillows, only one of which wasn't feathers. He went back for non-feather ones. (I'm allergic to feathers, with reactions ranging from mild congestion to trouble breathing. The result is often that I snore. Bad when sharing a room!)

I didn't get to see marrus personally because she was in the art room and I didn't have my badge yet, but Kim went in and delivered something for me. Also haven't seen galateadia yet; we were going to have adjoining rooms, but only one of them was a double room, and four of us on one king bed would not have worked! I'll track them both down tomorrow. :-)

Time to sign off. G'night!

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