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Going on vacation...

Hey, folks! Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me much this week. I'm leaving at oh-dark-thirty for a week's vacation with friends and don't plan on being online much. Just about all packed, with half the trunk full. I'll add the coolers of frozen food right before I leave, so it can sit in the freezer overnight.

The iPod is working great... I've been using it off and on all day since charging it overnight for the first time in well over a year, and it still shows three out of four bars on the battery indicator.

Fantastic lunch with elizabetheileen this afternoon! After I was done visiting Jaden and his parents, grandma, and great-grandma at the hospital, I met up with her at [info]Sindbad, where we split a falafel plate with hummus, baba ghanouj, tabouli, pitas, and stuffed grape leaves.

Also stopped off at Laura and Jim's to wish them luck with their wedding next weekend. They unfortunately told me the date long after we'd planned this trip. I brought along a bottle of Pusser's British Navy Rum that I think they'll love; they introduced me to Barbancourt.

My attempt to find a cigar lighter in town was thwarted. The tobacconist on Route 13 simply doesn't carry them. guinness_duck told me that the place on Dryden Road does, so I walked in there before meeting Eli, and when I asked, the girl at the counter said "No, we don't have those." Spotted them on my way out. *rolls eyes* But they were all $80 and up, and she couldn't get any of them to work, so forget it. Then I stopped into Mayer's on the way to south hill. They had just a couple, and one, around $65, looked like a good option, if more than I wanted to spend... but they only take cash! Grr. I'll take a look if we stop anyplace likely on the way down, and failing that, I'll just use a Zippo or the long utility lighter. It's not as though I smoke enough cigars to worry about it. (I now need my toes, not just my fingers, to count the number I've smoked in my whole life, but not many toes.)

The plan for the week? Relax. We may find that seafood place Todd was talking about, but we won't be stressing over it. :-)

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