Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

We made it...

Just a quick update from Ophelia-land. We made it to Hatteras ahead of the rain, arriving in a brisk breeze after a very long day of driving and visiting a friend en route. It started drizzling a little while ago.

Ophelia may or may not head this way; she's been virtually stationary all day. If the storm heads this way, they'll probably tell us to leave, and we'll head inland, stay in a hotel somewhere for at least a night, decide what to do with the rest of the week (depending on how long we last here first), and eventually get some of our rental money back thanks to the hurricane insurance we bought.

Normally we wouldn't want to stop to visit a friend in the middle of such a long day of driving, but since this friend is the Damage Control Officer aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, and she'd offered us a tour of the ship, it seemed worth the interruption! It was pretty incredible to be aboard such a remarkable feat of engineering. Being in such a place forces you to come up with a new definition to replace whatever concept you previously had for the word "big." (She says hi back, Wendy!)

Listening to some recent Florn.Net Podcasts to finish unwinding (the shower and hot tub also helped) and I'll be off to bed shortly. G'night!

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