Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hi from Hatteras...

We walked the roughly one-mile trip from our house over to the realty company late this morning; since we'd gotten in after they closed last night, we had to go "check in." (They leave a key and an envelope outside if you're arriving late.) On the way there and back, we spotted the restaurant Brian remembered from three years ago (no sign of Jimmy Buffett), and we ended up having a very good seafood dinner there tonight. (Denise and I walked to dinner and back for the extra fresh air.)

This afternoon I got to walk around the beach a little, and got my feet wet. The water temperature has dropped several degrees today, thanks to Ophelia. It's still not clear whether she'll get here, or when, though it's looking likely. It's a tropical storm rather than a hurricane, now, so we'll probably face weather ranging from so-so to bad, but no evacuation.

More pics...

P.S. The picture here was taken outside a store where I found a torch-style cigar lighter for a 20th the price of the ones I was looking at in Ithaca, and it'll do just fine. Add a canister of butane from the hardware store across the street, and together they're still only a tenth what they were asking for just the lighter in Ithaca.

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