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The pool doesn't open until 5pm!?

We briefly contemplated heading further west towards the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but ended up deciding to head north instead, closer to home... to do a little exploring around Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland.

I've commented several times about the benefits of being in the airline and hotel affinity programs, because of the occasional free upgrade or other nice perk. One perk I've rarely gotten to use is free hotel nights! I guess I just accumulate the points too slowly. Right now we're in a Courtyard (Marriott's business traveler hotel chain) enjoying two free nights.

Unfortunately, there were no double rooms (with two beds, adequate for four people) available in or near Annapolis, except for at a Residence Inn, for which I don't have enough points yet. Between the missing points from last year's Birmingham stay, and the not-yet-credited points from last weekend's Atlanta stay, I probably would have enough, but nothing to be done about that now.

Silver Spring did have a double room available, and is close enough to DC and Annapolis for day jaunts, so that's where we are. We'll stay here a couple of nights on my points, and then probably stay somewhere else a night or two on Brian's Holiday Inn points, before heading back. A little screwy that the pool and hot tub are only open from 5pm-10pm, but I guess Courtyard is primarily for business travelers, who'd be busy during the day. (But maybe it should be open early in the morning, too.)

Trying to make plans to see some of the folks in the area, though probably won't get to everyone. :-) If you're nearby, speak up!

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