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I need a vacation...

Back from a week of vacation that didn't end up looking much like we originally planned. seity1 and zercool and Robin and I set out early last Sunday morning for Hatteras Island, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, for a week-long beach vacation in a rented house.

Unfortunately, just as happened two years ago, Hatteras had a mandatory evacuation order issued on Tuesday morning, and we had to leave. (At least last time, we got a couple of days of good weather first, having a Saturday to Saturday rental, as opposed to this year's Sunday to Sunday rental and slow-moving storm not so far offshore that it hadn't already begun to affect the weather before we got there.)

We spent Tuesday afternoon driving inland, mostly on US 64, heading for the same Holiday Inn (in Rocky Mount, NC) that we went to last time; this time I called for a reservation before we even left, lest things get crowded. Tuesday night they have a manager's reception from 6-7 with free beer and wine and munchies, We availed ourselves of that, despite the mostly horrific karaoke going on. (Robin sang well, but a manager and the bartender kept singing to try to get others to sing.) It was fun to chat with one of our table-mates, though, whose son is in charge of computing for the City of Ithaca. After eating cheese, wings, and meatballs, and having some complimentary drinks, we didn't need much more in the way of food, so we headed into the attached Texas Steakhouse and split some appetizers.

We considered heading further west, which would have let us visit some folks in central NC en route to a few days relaxing near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where I haven't been in a while and still hope to get back to. But the votes for northward prevailed, I lined up a hotel room for two nights outside DC using Marriott Rewards points, and we spent the middle of Wednesday driving north on I-95.

More to come.

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