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USS Carl Vinson

Before I proceed with the story of our journey after we got voted off the island, let me tell you more about what was almost certainly the high point of the week, our visit to my friend Linda and her workplace.

As I posted late that night, being aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier forces you to come up with a new definition to replace whatever concept you were previously using for the word "big." This picture shows the carrier from the pier, with her massive elevators (used to lift planes from the below-deck hangars up to the deck) lowered. The full-size ladder and pallets near the center of the bottom of the picture ought to provide something of a sense of scale, but there's still nothing like being next to the real thing.

Because of Ophelia's indecisiveness last week, USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-67, "Big John") and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69, "Ike") had been moved to Norfolk, along with their several support ships, so you can see some pictures of them, both from the pier and from aboard Carl Vinson.

We got to spend some time out on the flight deck, which is usually a huge, flat space, but currently has been torn apart a bit and has lots of stuff on it. I got to take a picture of this jet blast deflector for sajego. :-)

Lots more great pictures, including one of me in the Captain's chair, a NAVAIR container, and some of CVN-70's awards. Picture 5126 shows one of two corridors that run the length of the ship, taken from roughly amidships.

Have I mentioned lately I'm an aircraft carrier fan? :-) I'm very glad Carl Vinson's return to port for refueling (every quarter century, they need to replace the nuclear fuel) coincided with our passing through! We're lucky Linda was able to give us such a thorough tour.

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