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Remembering the Dream

Dick Clark must not have been satisfied with 30+ years of American Bandstand. He's reliving the '60s -- and taking us along for the ride -- with the new NBC show "American Dreams."

The legendary "Bandstand" is the backdrop and the focus for Meg, the 15-year-old daughter in the family at the center of the show. Dick Clark has a blurry stand-in but appears clearly on TV sets on the show through the magic of kinescope, recordings of early live TV onto film produced by aiming a film camera at a TV monitor.

The clips of Dick Clark introducing the acts is seamlessly interspersed with live action, and modern-day musical performers who recreate the legendary live music of "Bandstand's" early days.

Producer Jonathan Prince remembers growing up in the '60s, and looking back, reflects that his parents had no idea their family was living through a cultural revolution. The show promises both a family drama -- the pilot touches on, or hints at, something going on in each family member's life -- and an ongoing look at life in the '60s.

They've set the stage; it's November, 1963, and something horrible happens in Dallas, near the end of the very first episode. (Maybe they should have saved that for later, but that's TV.) What's next? I'm not sure, but at least for now, I'll be watching.

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