Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Barnes & Noble follow-up

It was odd to see the number of people just sitting around the Barnes & Noble this afternoon when I was down there... one guy was napping in one of the comfy chairs, and a woman was sitting nearby. A study-room-like area near the coffee shop had tables and chairs, and several college students... studying. Notebooks, the works.

A couple of girls were leaving as I was, and talking about studying... so I asked why they study there. It's better than the library, she said, because there are no distractions. The library is too social, and there are too many people around. Besides, there's fresh Starbucks.

It just blows my mind that people would drive that far off campus to study. I guess the wireless is a good deal... $3.95 for two hours or $19.95 for a month. (I was silly, and to kill time before meeting Theresa for dinner, I went to use the free wireless at CTB Express... and of course spent $4.85 on a Jeff's Java Jolt. Plus tip.) But then I've always wondered why people drive that far to Wegmans or Tops when they're after basic stuff that any much-nearer store has.

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