Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Couple days near DC, part 1

It's easy up here in Central New York to forget just how close together everything is on the I-95 corridor. The trip from Rocky Mount up to Washington, DC was pretty quick, and though my GPS suggested some different routes than we would have come up with to get around DC to Silver Spring, it adjusted when we made our own choices, and it got us to the hotel.

The Courtyard was a Courtyard... nothing special, and nothing that different from others I've been in. (Unlike the Ithaca one, it actually has a courtyard, but I think most do.) Our plan to hit the hot tub at once had to be put off, since the pool and hot tub don't open until 5pm. Once they opened, we quite enjoyed both, and relaxed for a bit while waiting for sskipstress to retrieve us for dinner.

Lisa dragged us off to Bethesda for a meal at Guapo's, a great Tex-Mex place not far from where she works. seity1 and I had very good margaritas, the waiter gladly brought us much-hotter salsa when asked, and the food was quick, fresh, delicious, and plentiful. I had a Nogales combination, chicken fajitas with spicy broiled shrimp, and was really happy. Robin was really into trying their fried ice cream, and we also split some sopapillas.

We weren't awake for long after Lisa dropped us back at the hotel. :-)

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