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A better picture post...

Lazy me, I posted links to pictures without any samples! This is one of the three pictures I took of the astonishing "Star Wars" warehouse murals. It's amazing what you can entirely fail to notice when driving... I don't drive along 13A that often, but I bet this wasn't the first time since the wall got painted.

I'm not certain who in the back seat spotted this as we drove by on the way to Ithaca Beer to visit guinness_duck, but we decided to go find it on the way back.

This is one of the best pictures I've ever taken of anabellea! I'll crop it later and put just her part on Flickr. excaliburca and Casey (Raven's friend) are at left. In one of the next couple of pictures, Joost is playing with her, and that one's adorable, too!

Anna was very well behaved all weekend (as long as you don't count her strong preference to be carried rather than to walk for the last bit of the uphill hike) and made a good impression on lots of folks who'd never met her! Her brother Jaden came to hang out for dinners (well, his mom brought him) and also won everyone over.

The weather really was exceptional for the weekend. I'm not sure I'd say it's the best ever (though it might be), but it rivals the other good-weather WGWs we've had. We've had cooler and crisper and more colourful leaves, and that might be optimal, but we did quite well. It wasn't too hot to enjoy the walk, and it wasn't so cool in the gorge that folks needed more than a light jacket at most.

Obviously, if you weren't there this year for whatever reason, you should be there next year! Watkins Glen 2006: No Excuses!

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