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Vacation plans

I just filled out my monthly time sheet for September (don't have to account for hours, just days and half-days that I'm out) and wrote down my six vacation days for the month... out of 7.3 available. Looks like I won't be taking a whole week off again anytime soon!

I should ask to count each vacation day as only a half, since the week of vacation wasn't very effective. :-) At least I accrue another day and a quarter of vacation each month, so I actually now have just over two and a half days available to me, and will have a whole five-day week in a couple of months, if I don't take vacation days meanwhile.

No concrete plans in the near future other than some likely hockey road trips... Yale and Brown the first weekend of November, and Harvard and Dartmouth the second... though I'm not certain about both of those yet.

I'd love to plan on going someplace warm this winter, New Orleans sometime in 2006, and back to Scotland (and maybe more of the UK and Europe) sometime in the next couple of years. There are also a couple of likely wedding trips this winter... though, sadly, neither is someplace warm.

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