Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

New socks

It's rainy today, so even though it's warm enough, I'm not wearing sandals today. I'm wearing solid shoes, and the first pair of socks that I got as part of my get-a-free-TiVo Dockers purchase. They're comfy! Thinner than I usually wear, but they feel good, they're a nice dark grey, and they've got a neat pattern on them. With my shoes off, they're airy enough that my feet get to cool off a little.

Lee and I teamed up to run down to [info]Sindbad to grab a hot lunch, since they're not delivering at the moment. I drove, and he hopped out of the car to get the food. Ordered a large chicken parm sub with pepperoni, and there's half left for tonight or tomorrow. (Slowly, I'm reining in my appetite.) Only a little sauce on my light beige pants.

It's pretty well set in stone that it's going to rain this afternoon, tonight (heavy at times), and tomorrow. I was surprised how many people I saw walking around without an umbrella or even a jacket! Not that I mind the resulting impromptu wet t-shirt contest, but it's kinda silly.

Fire and Yahoo don't seem to be willing to talk to each other the last couple of days, so I'm unlikely to show up on Y! until it's fixed. I can be reached on AIM and Google Talk, and of course by e-mail, phone, etc.

Not quite done yet, but here's a sneak preview of my "Serenity" review. (Short form: Wow.)

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