Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Bird feeder or winter roost? (204.6)

The gift shop at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which a bunch of us visited yesterday, got me thinking about whether I should put up a bird feeder and/or a winter roost on or near my deck.

My guess is I don't need to spend $75 to get a nice bird feeder, so I figured I didn't need to make a purchase yesterday. I'll check around for other options, if I do decide to go ahead. I did like the high-end models with the squirrel-proofing features, that close off the feeding holes if a squirrel's weight is on the stand. And the wooden "winter roost" was a box with the small entry hole in the bottom, and perches higher up, so the birds can enjoy the warmer-air-rises phenomenon.

Any particular kind of bird feeder or roost make particular sense in this area? I'm in a semi-wooded residential area, which should help. I'm figuring I could hang a feeder or roost on the iron bracket that's already affixed to the tree behind my deck. Of course, that could be a challenge to get to over the winter, for refilling.

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