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The stupendously good wild mushroom risotto special at Bistro Q on Friday night inspired my cooking on Saturday for the end-of-summer party I was attending at friends' house in Forest Home.

I made broccoli and mushroom risotto, and I think there was enough romano and parmesan in there to open my own cheese shop.

Sauteed some chopped onion and garlic in olive oil. Then added sliced regular mushrooms, not the fancy wild mushrooms, and cut up broccoli. Cooked up some rice separately. (The crunchy jambalaya a while back taught me to start with my rice already cooked!) Added some spices to the vegetables, including a lot of black pepper!

Combined the rice into the veggies in the skillet (I'd started with a big skillet on purpose) and mixed in some instant vegetarian soup. (Basically like chicken soup powder, i.e. flavoured yellow salt, but didn't want to rule out vegetarians enjoying it.)

This is also when I folded in most of the cheese, grated romano and parmesan. Most of it melted nicely into the hot rice and vegetables, and made everything nice and gooey! Then I sprinkled a bit more grated cheese on top.

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