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Guinness makes for good meetings

Something I learned from Steve Worona years ago -- and this meeting is one of his legacies -- is that meetings go smoother in a bar.

To a point. Noisy, crowded, or smoky bars wouldn't work very well, but a fairly calm bar like the Regent Lounge at Cornell's Statler Hotel is perfect. They have decent beer (Guinness in old-style bottles, if not on tap or in draught cans or bottles) or liquor, and you can even get food.

Not ordering food tonight here, though! I'm finally going to get to dine with jccohen next door, after the meeting. The timing doesn't work out for us to do that nearly as often as I'd like.

This is the periodical (monthly in theory, but rarely in practice) meeting of the organizers of the Friends of Bound for Glory. It's a group that I helped Steve create several years ago, but he hasn't been directly involved since he moved out of town.

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