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Cades Cove photos, etc.

Well, I've told you all about Cades Cove, and now it's time to share some of the pictures!

Cades CoveHere are the pictures from my trip to Tennessee in late September, with the first batch consisting of Friday's sightseeing and wedding rehearsal, and the second batch being Saturday's wedding.

First batch

Second batch

The flower closeups are of a plant Wade recognized and was very excited to find. He's a bit of a botanical photographer himself. I'll have to send him a print, or maybe even a poster, of one of these shots!

The last few photos are at the Cracker Barrel we went to for dinner after the rehearsal. The first of those, outside the restaurant, is of Linda's very reclusive son Jonathan, after a random old lady plunked down on the bench next to him.

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