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Doonesbury and All Hallows Eve.

Thanks to fyrfitrmedic for sharing a link to this entire week's worth of Doonesbury focusing on Harriet Miers, which won't be run because she asked the President to withdraw her nomination last Thursday. They'll run repeats all week.

Probably got 40 or so trick-or-treaters tonight (I'm assuming there won't be any more) probably ranging in age from about 6 to about 14. There are a bunch of kids in the area, but it wouldn't surprise me if this is also one of those neighbourhoods that parents drive their kids to, for the density of family homes that're likely to have candy.

I guess I went through about 3/4 of the candy I bought. Nice to see that most of the kids took only one item out of the bowl, and most declined a second when I offered. One kid asked if he could have two, and the collective gasp from his friends was really cute. I told him of course he could. This contrasted with some of the very grabby kids who came to Kari and Alex's house when I was there last year, and I answered the door a few times.

A blessed and safe Samhain to all! I know certain departed friends and relatives are close by.

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