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Shuttlecam this afternoon

You'd think considering how long some of us have been camming, someone would have done this before. But today's launch of Shuttle Atlantis is the first time live video will be transmitted from a launch vehicle during the launch.

I'm watching NASA TV all afternoon, and I look forward to seeing the rear view as the orbiter takes off, with what should be a great look at the launch complex, then Florida's east coast, then the whole eastern seaboard.

I always watch shuttle launches when I can. Spaceflight in general has always inspired me; continuing manned spaceflight is very important.

Here's NASA's web view:

One of my strongest memories is of the shuttle launch I went to with my friend Beth Saulnier a few years ago. We were privileged to have seats at the VIP viewing area for the launch, as close as the families and "real" VIPs atop the Vehicle Assembly Building (Hillary and Chelsea were there that day) and closer than anyone else but the KSC fire squad. It was a beautiful day and a spectacular launch, and the vibration during the launch was an unforgettable feeling.

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