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Moist Sunday

Just got done zipping around town on a few errands with Jon, who takes advantage of his once-a-year visit to Ithaca for Watkins Glen Weekend to get a couple of things that aren't readily available elsewhere. He had CTB Appetizers set aside some chocolate chip bagels for him; ironically, it was another kind that they ran out of before he got there. We also hit the Plantation to pick up some random stuff, and went to Wegmans for Concord grapes, which apparently are no longer in season.

Right after he dropped me at my car, next to which Lisa and Asimov were just getting ready to pull out, the rain started getting more like rain rather than Ithacation (drizzle, for those not in the area).

I'm glad to report we had enough extra people join us at this morning's brunch that we didn't end up having to pay for any of the no-shows who'd been in the "guaranteed" count we gave the hotel last week.

So Jon's on his way to Syracuse to catch his flight back to LA, and Lisa, after briefly considering sticking around for dinner, decided to head for Long Island now.

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