Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Time for a new washer...

The washer that came with my house stopped working properly a few weeks ago; it worked fine except that the spin cycle... didn't. This meant it was essentially still usable; just had to wring out the clothes before tossing them in the dryer.

My Sears repair appointment was today, scheduled for 8am-5pm. (Who do they think they are, the cable company?) The guy took the washer apart and figured out that the problem was... a gearshaft that lets the washer's motor switch between agitating and spinning. It'd be over $200 for the part, and another over $200 for labor, and suddenly we're up in the neighbourhood of simply buying a new washing machine.

So... what kind do I want? Where's a good place to get one around Ithaca? Sears, Best Buy, Thayer...?

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