Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lorne would've been sitting there smiling...

This morning's funeral mass at All Saints Church in Lansing was just spot-on perfect... a good balance of scripture read by his kids, hymns and song, and stories told by family and friends. I've always liked this quiet, gruff guy, and I learned a lot more about him yesterday and today, from wonderful old photos and from various stories and comments. His friend Jerry spoke the longest, with some funny and touching stories that really did a good job to flesh out the picture I had in my mind from the times I got to meet Lorne.

It was certainly a full house, which surprised no one! In addition to the full pews, there were folding chairs along the side aisles, and even some folks up in the balcony. Lorne had a huge family, but he also touched many more people in his life.

Annemarie told me a bit about the All Saints Church, which she liked a lot more than St. Catherine's, where her family went when she was young. And Claudia told me that her father (the deceased) had done the electrical wiring when the parish hall was built, because he couldn't trust anyone else to. :-)

Pat and I went down to Lincoln Street Diner for breakfast afterwards, not because there wasn't enough food to be had at the parish hall, but because a diner breakfast seemed like a good idea. It was.

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