Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Still no washer

From breakfast, I stopped by Thayer Appliance to consider their washer offerings; they don't sell LG because no one in town services them! But they do sell the Frigidaire model that was my second choice, so I need to do a little more reading and then make a decision. A display there also reminded me that I need to replace my kitchen disposal, whose motor burned out before I moved into the house last year.

Meantime, I did get to leaf through the February 2005 "Consumer Reports," which was the last time they reviewed washers and dryers. None of the models I'm looking at existed then, of course. :-\ Since the January 2006 issue is out now, I probably would only have to wait a couple more weeks to see if the February '06 issue looks at washers again. There's no huge rush, since my old washer still washes. Having a spin cycle would be nice, though.

After stopping at Best Buy last night, I had pretty much narrowed it down to the LG and the Frigidaire, and was leaning toward the $50-pricier LG. Ironically, the cheaper Frigidaire is one of the several washers covered by Best Buy's current online-only offer, whereby you get a free 7" LCD TV with the purchase! Does that mean they have too many of those washers, because no one's buying them?

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