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Stay off the roads...

If you're in Central New York, and probably a large swath to the east and west of us as well, stay off the roads if you don't absolutely have to go somewhere. If you do have to, allow plenty of time and take it slow.

The sleet, freezing rain, and snow last night and overnight have made for very treacherous road conditions. Nearly all the area school districts are closed (a few have just delayed opening) and the Ithaca Police Department has asked motorists not to travel in downtown Ithaca this morning because it's "too hazardous."

* Ithaca Area Closings & Cancellations
* Story about Ithaca Police warning

Sometimes I get to go back to sleep when there are just a couple of closings. Ain't gonna happen today! I've been updating the list every 2-3 minutes since Dan woke me at 6:01.

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