Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

20 years...

When I first took a CPR course in 1985, it was somewhat different than today's; I actually was also certified for infant and child CPR in addition to adult CPR, which is all we're doing at work, so all I've been certified for in ages.

The American Red Cross has a five-year cycle of evaluating and updating the course, and apparently the 2005 evaluation is resulting in a number of changes to the course that will be implemented around April. The instructor had commented that we can actually "challenge" before our certifications expire, just taking a skills test and written test, to renew, but if the course is going to change significantly by next fall, I'll probably want to take the full course again.

Interestingly, today's instructor is a CHFD EMT rather than the usual American Red Cross dedicated trainer. I don't think I've seen him before, but I'll keep an eye out for him when I'm over at the fire station for meetings.

My hands smell of latex glove. :-P And I'm tired, after getting to sleep around 2 last night and getting up at 6 this morning.

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