Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Bought a washer...

For those of you who've been waiting with bated breath, I bought a washer tonight. It's in my jacket pocket! Well, technically, in my jacket pocket is the sheaf of paper that says I own it, and they're going to show up and hook it up on Thursday.

That LG I wanted is on sale this week, then $50 rebate, then free installation up to $50 via rebate, then free gift card. I decided that worked. :-) The maintenance plan that turns the one-year warranty into five seemed a good investment, especially since the way it works, with no official LG service in town, for that first year, if the washer needs fixing, they just show up and replace it. Once it's out of the one-year manufacturer's warranty, they have a deal with a local repair shop that does out-of-warranty repairs... but they pay for it during the maintenance plan.

My poor dryer has had to work extra hard to dry the sopping-wet clothes coming out of my old washer, with its non-existent spin cycle. It should be happy to get the spun-like-crazy nearly-dry clothes that'll come out of the new front-loader in a few days!

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