Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Anyone want a washer?

Thanks to triola for suggesting that I should offer up my old washer. I'd been planning on doing that, but might have forgotten. :-)

It's a low-end Kenmore without lots of fancy features or lots of cycles... but it has regular and permanent press, three load-size settings, and different temperature choices. The cycle and temperature are set from the same knob.

The spin cycle doesn't work. The agitator works fine, but the spin cycle doesn't, so your clothes will get washed, and the washer will drain, but it won't spin-dry your clothes. This means a dryer will have to work extra hard to get the clothes dry, and you can't leave the clothes in the washer at the end of the cycle or they'll be sitting all wet. Other than this, it works great, it's not that old (five years?) and I've been happy with its washing performance since I moved into its house last summer.

The installers will take away the old one for free, or you can have it for free, if you want it. You have to come up with a way of getting it out of here by Thursday. :-) I may also try Freecycle if none of you want it.

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