Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lights and dinner

Seven of us drove up to Syracuse for Lights on the Lake, Onondaga County's holiday lights display that's arrayed along the lakeside park's narrow roadway. For $8 per car, you get to drive through -- bumper to bumper, around 4mph -- and enjoy the lights, some of which are cleverly "animated." I definitely recommend doing this in an automatic, not a stick shift. All the stop-and-go driving was very tiring for my ankles!

From there, we drove over to [info]Kitty Koynes, an outstanding Irish pub on Armory Square. I had a pint of Smithwick's (an Irish red ale from the makers of Guinness), a cup of excellent onion stout soup, and a traditional Irish breakfast! There was Irish soda bread, the decor is excellent, and the service was very good. This is definitely a place I'll have to get back to.

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