Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A matter of perspective...

I was irritated that my visit to Bill Cooke Imports, which was supposed to take an hour or less, had lasted about an hour and a half, but poor tonelive seemed surprised I was getting out so quickly. He'd been there since 8:30am. As an hour and a half approached, I went up to the counter to find out if they were almost done, and Melody told me they hadn't washed the car yet. It would probably be another 20 minutes before they'd get to it, and then it would take 15 minutes to wash and dry it. Since I had to leave, and since it's not as though the car was going to stay clean for very long, I told them to skip it.

I'm also irritated that I've been putting up with flaky, unreliable key remotes for months, even though a service bulletin issued in May should have enabled them to solve the problem when I first reported it, over three months ago. They also seem to have replaced my key remotes with a different model than the one the service bulletin specifies. With luck, that won't pose any new problems. I did try both remotes and both keys on the way back up the hill, so at least for now, they work reliably.

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